Advanced Composite Cables ACC


Association for Advanced Composite Technology on Construction Field (ACC) seeks to promote new Continuous Fiber Reinforcing Materials (CFRM) in the field of Japanese construction, with the guidance from both governmental and academic sectors. The members are major construction companies, material manufacturing companies and consulting companies.


Two major activities are preparation of technical information and presentation of technical lectures. Our major publications are as follows ;


"JSCE:Recommendation for Design and Construction of Concrete Structures using Continuous Fiber Reinforcing Materials", Oct. 1996 (Commission to JSCE, English versions available)


"Design and Installation Manual of PC Bridge using FRP", March 1992


"Investigation and Examination on the Durability of Concrete Members using FRP", July 2000


"A Case Study on the Lifecycle Cost of a Concrete Structure using CFRM", July 2002 (English versions available on CD-ROM)


Promotion activities of CFRM through publishing "ACC Projects using new materials Vol. 1 & 2" and publicity magazine" ACC Topics". Especially ACC Topics have been issued twice a year and provide information on timely basis. In addition, ACC is constantly supporting and contributing articles to "FRP International".

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The ACC is hoping to supply sounder information so that "light, strong and non-rusting" CFRM will become a valuable material in the construction field, leaving major assets for future generations. To this end, your further support will be highly appreciated.


Secretary : Mr. Enomoto
Address : Association for Advanced Composite Technology on Construction Field (ACC)
3-6-2 Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8306, JAPAN